Diana Elizabeth Jordan Jack's Story
A documentary style performance

Diana Elizabeth Jordan Youtube Channel
Please check out my youtube channel for more reels

Diana Ellizabeth Jordan Reel 2
My latest reel

Heather Stewart
Check out my friend singer/songwriter/actress Heather Stewart. She rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn Gotzon
Jenn is not only an amazing actress, she is one of the sweetest people I know.

Jodi Skeris Branded Actor
A branding service for actors founded by Jodi Skeris. Jodi ia also a very funny actress check her out at

Julia Jordan
An beautiful singer/song writer who sings like an angel and my sweet and wonderful cousin

Kimberly Emerson
One of my favorite writers and dear friends, has a really great weekly blog

Lindsay Martin
Lindsay Martin is a talented choreographer and actress and a wonderful friend

Lisa Temple
A wonderful actress whoI did my very first show in Chicago with.

Matthew McAvene
A gifted visual artist and musician dedicated to using his artistic gifts to create a positive change in the global community.

Paul Kampf
Paul is a wonderful acting coach. His approach has transformed my work as an actor

Paul McAvene
A speciality design company by the multi-talneted artist Paul McAvene.
Paul has desgined for Disney, Universal Studios and numerous live stage film and television productions. He is also my BBFF (my big brother friend forever)

Stanley Jordan
an amazing musician with a beautiful soul and my big cousin

Tantra Glow
Learn Tantra Yoga and Tantra Meditation to help ehnace your wellbeing, your relationship and your pleasure founded by my beautiful cousin actor-activist-writer- singer Rhoda Jordan Shapiro